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Development of Cambodian Administrative Law

In Cambodia significant laws have been developed since 1993 but some building stones of a strong building called ‘rule of law’ are still missing. Whereas comprehensive legislation has been adopted in the fields of civil law and criminal law in recent years important aspects of administrative law are still not covered by modern legislation.

To create such a comprehensive system of administrative law(s) is not easy. Governments are often reluctant to deliver in this field, as modern administrative law has – to a significant extent – the purpose of limiting government and strengthening people’s rights. The present publication on "The Development of Administrative Law" in Cambodia is an important source of information and reference, especially for law students and experts, the goverment and interested parties in Cambodia. The book can be downloaded here for free as a PDF file.

Part 1 includes two texts that have been produced by the editors during the recent discussion about administrative law reform.

Part 2 of this publication provides some selected analysis on important topics in Cambodian administrative law.

In Part 3 some international comparative perspectives are provided with case studies from France, Japan, and Estonia as well as a general overview on East and Southeast Asia. France is an obvious candidate for comparison as the Cambodian legal system has some historical roots in French law, and particularly in administrative law this is still considered crucial due to the lack of modern comprehensive legislation.

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