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The Law Talk Publication on Law in the Digital Age: Protection of Consumer Rights

by Chanbormey Long, Professor Kong Phallack

The Law Talk Publication

What is Consumer Protection? Who are consumers? Are consumers entitled to rights protected by law? Why is consumer protection important? What are the related topics concerning consumer protection? Cambodia adopted the Consumer Protection Law in late 2019 yet the Consumer protection knowledge is still very limited among Cambodians (Report on ASEAN Consumer Empowerment Index, 2020). The #LawTalk Publication titled “Law in the Digital Age: Protection of Consumer Rights” is among the very few publishing works about consumer protection in Cambodia. It is a special compilation of academic perspectives on various issues concerning consumer protection law and policy in Cambodia and beyond. The book is now available for interested readers to pick up at the KAS office and browse via KAS official website.

Consumer protection refers to measures that aim to protect and promote the well-being and/or financial interests of consumers. Consumer protection measures, including consumer education,
mobilization, and representation, work to ensure that consumers can make well-informed decisions about their choices and that producers and sellers will fulfill their promises about the
products and services they offer.1 Cambodia has the youngest consumer protection regime in the ASEAN region, with the Law on Consumer Protection only passed in November 2019. The main mandate for its implementation lies with the Consumer Protection and Fraud Repression Department (CCF) under the Ministry of Commerce. Relevant sub-decrees and implementing
regulations (prakas) are currently being drafted, among others concerning the constitution and composition of an inter-ministerial Commission.

The Law Talks Publication “Law in the digital age: Protection of Consumers Right” consists of seven academic papers summited by Cambodian young researchers and legal scholars who, with their respective articles, provide analytical viewpoints including some important elements of the legal framework for consumer protections. Each article embeds different food for thought, which builds a foundation not only for policymakers to consider in order to improve the loopholes in the existing laws and regulations but also for researchers and students to gain a deeper understanding of this emerging field within the Cambodian legal system and education. These papers include: 

Chapter 1: Consumers’ Perceptions of Consumer Rights in Cambodia by Soun Ponleu

Chapter 2: Cambodia’s Culture and Law on Privacy and Data Protection, and the Future by Keo Sothie

Chapter 3: Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Age: A Holistic Approach to Privacy and Data Protection in Cambodia by Phin Sovath

Chapter 4: Online Sale: Civil and Criminal Liability for Enforcing the  Consumer Protection by Dr. Meas Bora

Chapter 5: Pre-Contractual Information Disclosure: What Can Cambodia Learn from the European Union? by Choun Morokoth

Chapter 6: The Adoption of the Right of Withdrawal as a  Mechanism to Protect Consumer in Electronic  Commerce: Lessons Learned from the European Union Legal Framework by Sous Monirida

Chapter 7: Towards Consumer Action and Activism – Legal and  Practical Considerations for Establishing a Consumer  Association in Cambodia by Kong Phallack & Chea Lida


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