Consultative Meeting

In-House Regulations for State/Private TV/Radio Stations

On 7th May 2015 KAS Cambodia will meet with TV and radio stakeholders to informally discuss options to assure media pluralism and diversity through internal regulations.


Following the Launch of the Media Study “Freedom of the Press and Media Regulation in Cambodia: Approaches and Options for Democratic Diversity”, which emphasizes a transparent and democratic development of the Media and offers practical ideas and options for so called “in-house regulations” for individual TV/radio stations, KAS invites relevant media-associated stakeholders to a consultative meeting.

The meeting aims to initiate a dialogue between TV and radio stakeholders on the development of “in-house regulations” for Cambodian TV and radio stations, with special emphasis on the promotion of pluralism, objectivity and diversity. Additionally, the discussion aims at debating options presented by the study and will provide a platform for dialogue on potential strategies to achieve such promotion.

The expected result of the meeting is a clear and comprehensive understanding of the necessity of “in-house regulations” among the participants towards a pluralistic and objective Cambodian Media. Furthermore, next steps shall be discussed on how KAS could support the dialogue with individual TV/radio broadcasters to further develop such internal rules.

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Denis Schrey

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Head of the Multinational Development Dialogue Brussels

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