Consultative Meeting on Key Principles and Prerequisites for Reforming Parliaments’ Administrations

In cooperation with the Cambodian Senate and the National Assembly, KAS organizes a Consultative Meetings on administrative reforms.


Reforming government institutions is an important step in every democracy to assure the best implementation of procedural practices. Professor Heinrich Grosse-Sender, former Secretary General of the German state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia and long-term Parliamentary Advisor will engage with representatives of both the Cambodian Senate and National Assembly during two half-day Consultative Meetings on 7th September in the morning and afternoon respectively.

These meetings intent to informally exchange experiences and lessons learned between Professor Grosse-Sender and selected officials of both institutions. Particular focus lies on the discussion on potential administrative reforms of the Senate and the National Assembly to smoothen procedural processes and strengthen the efficiency of all departments.

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Phnom Penh


Denis Schrey

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