Law Talk "Administrative Law and Practice - International and Cambodian Perspectives"

The Law Talk is a platform for people of different applications of the law to discuss matters of law reform. The aims are recommendations for an effective Complaint Management System in Cambodia, as well as reform priorities and reform sequences.


The rapid economic development has required administrative rules which provide guidelines for governing the private and economic activities of citizens. Administrative Law seeks to strike a balance between the constitutional guarantees of the rights of individuals and the legitimate interest of the society as a whole.

Such legal rules in Cambodia are often not complemented by clear procedures which are to be properly applied and enforced by relevant authorities. Therefore Administrative Law in Cambodia is still in need of further development.

The objective of the Law Talk are promoting an increased understanding of the international perspectives, principles and the relevance of the Administrative Law, as well as a better understanding of the current status of administrative law reform in Cambodia.

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Rock Royal Hotel & Resort, Kep


Denis Schrey

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Head of the Multinational Development Dialogue Brussels

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