Press Conference, Media Relations and Strategy Seminar

Public Relations Training

A “Public Relations Training: Press Conference, Media Relations and Strategy Seminar” will be held on 22nd and 23rd July 2015 with selected members of MOEYS.


Informing the public of any decisions, plans, strategies and policies of government institutions plays a significant role in a democratic society. The public is entitled to the constitutional right of being well-informed about ongoing government activities. In order to successfully and effectively perform such public information-sharing, it is essential to equip relevant spokespersons and other officials with necessary knowledge and skills on how to conduct press conferences, perform media relations and organize strategic seminars. Keeping these capacities in mind KAS organizes a two-day training module on effective public relations work for staff members and officials of the Cambodian Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS).

The training aims primarily at further equipping the MoEYS’s public relations personnel with improved skills and knowledge to enable them to perform their routines more effectively including but not limited to activities such as press conferences, media relations and strategic seminars.

It is expected that upon the completion of this training program, the public relations officials of the MoEYS are more confident and competent in dealing with issues related to public communication. Eventually, through steadily strengthening their public relations skills, the Ministry will contribute to well-organized communication with the public sector leading to a well- and adequately- informed society.

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