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12th Law Talk

International Criminal Law and Human Rights: Implications for Cambodia

For the 12th Law Talk, KAS scholars from the US, Germany and Cambodia will discuss recent developments of International Criminal Law and Human Rights.


The support for the development of the legal system in Cambodia has been one of the main priorities of the work of KAS in Cambodia for many years. One of the essential elements of such a process is a flourishing discussion between different generations and experts on legal topics. Such discussion has been difficult in Cambodia for many years due to its historical legacy and the legal vacuum during the Khmer Rouge regime. It seems particularly important to continue to cultivate a culture of legal discussion in the spirit of academic freedom and freedom of expression. The Law Talks were designed as one element of such support.

The 12th Law Talk follows a two weeks “Summer School on International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law” organised by the University of Cologne in cooperation with the ASEAN Human Rights Resource Centre in Phnom Penh.

The specific theoretic expertise of international scholars from the US and Germany will meet Cambodian legal experts, practitioners and scholars. These representatives work towards the development of Human Rights in International Criminal Law and on the enforcement of a Human Rights legislation in Cambodia. This combination of participants will hopefully lead to new insights for Cambodian as well as foreign experts.

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Law Talk XII. - Special Contribution on International Criminial Justice: Speech of Joachim Freiherr von Marschall
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August 14, 2014
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