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Call for Proposals – Researcher Paper on Public Financial Management (PFM) Reforms in Lebanon

Submission no later than May 3, 2023.

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Lebanon is facing an unprecedented crisis, which has led to a dramatic economic contraction and a large increase in poverty, unemployment, and emigration. Despite urgent action needed, progress in implementing the necessary reforms remains slow, and delaying them only increases the costs to the country and its population. Lebanon urgently needs a multi-pronged reform program to address these challenges and put the economy back on a sustainable growth path.

In this context, a clear Public Financial Management (PFM) reform plan is critical to restore fiscal discipline, increase transparency, and enhance accountability. A well-designed PFM reform plan can help Lebanon to achieve macroeconomic stabilization, efficiently allocate resources, prioritize spending, and manage its debt sustainability. It can also restore public trust and confidence in the government's ability to manage public finances, attract investment, and create job opportunities. Therefore, a clear and comprehensive PFM reform plan is crucial to help Lebanon overcome its current financial crisis and set the foundation for sustainable economic growth and development.

Project Scope

In light of the above, a PFM reform report will offer a general overview, an analysis of the current laws and regulations in place and identify ways to improve six categories in the budget elaboration process: i) credibility of the budget; ii) comprehensiveness and transparency; iii) policy-based budgeting; iv) control in budget execution; v) accounting recording and reporting; vi) external scrutiny and audit.

Drawing upon a variety of sources and augmented by key informant interviews (KII) the report seeks to address several major questions.

o What is PFM and why it is important?

o What has been the substantive content and thrust of PFM reforms in Lebanon over the last decade?

o Where have these reforms done well, and where have they struggled?

o What need to improve in the six categories mentioned above?


As part of the research methodology, the first version of the report will be discussed/validated in a round table setting with 10 -15 experts. The feedback/ results will be used as a basis for the final comprehensive report

The final report will be presented in a conference where relevant stakeholders will be invited. An overall report on the project will be submitted.



- A research paper with approximately 10,000 words on the above-mentioned topic to be delivered until the 30th of June 2023.

  • Desk review
  • Conduct interviews and general interview reports with relevant stakeholders
  •  Validation workshop – to gather feedback after the first version of the paper

- Generate a report summarizing the findings of the validation workshop



Interested candidates should send:

  1. A cover letter that includes your interests and experiences related to PFM with examples of previous research work or publications related to the subject
  2. A technical proposal presenting your approach and methodology you plan to use and how will you meet the requirements of the deliverable
  3. An up to date curriculum vitae describing their experience and any other relevant information
  4. Budget proposed


The documents should be submitted by email to latest by 3rd of May 2023.

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Nour Alwan


Project Manager +961 (0)1 388 095/6

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