Workshop “Women Economic Empowerment in rural areas”

The workshop will be offered by KAS as part of a series of events to boost women's economic benefits in rural areas. The aim is to promote the participating female entrepreneurs in the areas of financial management, marketing and branding and to network with each other. The theoretical part of the workshop will be complemented by practical exercises in which the participants will present their goods to a broad public.


Women are still underrepresented in many places in Lebanese public life. In the parliamentary elections of 2018, a total of 86 women were on different lists - only six of them made it as MPs in Parliament. A similar picture emerges with regard to the economic sector. One reason for the current situation is in the Lebanese civil status and labor laws, that either de jure or de facto block women employment.

The Lebanese government has set itself the goal of tackling discrimination and empowering women in all areas of public life. In January 2019, Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced to increase the rate of female employment by five percent over the next five years at the Mashreq Conference on Women's Economic Empowerment. However, it remains unclear what measures should be taken and how successful they will be.

Against this background, the KAS has set itself the goal of serving as a forum for societal discussions on how women can become more visible in the Lebanese public sphere and how the goal of equal opportunities can be achieved. The series of events is aimed at women entrepreneurs who are looking for an exchange and networking with like-minded people. The workshop is divided into three parts, in which the topics mentioned above are to be dealt with.

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Hana Nasser