Event Reports

Capacity building of CIMIC/LAF in proposal writing and project management

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized in cooperation with SMART Center a 5-day workshop on proposal writing skills, from the 29th of August to the 4th of September at CIMIC training premises in Fayyadieh. This training was provided for 25 officers from various units of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) under the patronage of LAF’s Department of Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC ) and it is a follow up training for the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) after successfully completing a training program during May 2018, which included topics related to Project Planning, Field Operation, Communication, Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills.
Lebanon still continues to struggle with many problems in the country, which are caused by the economic crisis, more than one million refugees and a changing political environment, which further weakens the situation of large parts of civil society. CIMIC Is therefore providing humanitarian, social and development services to needy communities and is working with local authorities for assessment needs and delivering reports on the work and impact on civil society. These activities requires a full understanding of the project management process, but also a practical approach on how to plan and write a proposal according to the needs.
The members of CIMIC learned and practiced in the 5-day’s workshop how to understand what type of donors agencies will be interested in their project and their organization, how to address donor’s requirements and expectations, create their project ideas and develop a grant proposal that consists of research analysis, a logical framework, how to build a monitoring and evaluation plan and how to incorporate a cost analysis properly and prepare a realistic budget.
The training enabled CIMIC members and other units of the Lebanese Armed Forces to design projects that strengthen the relationships between Army and civil communities by developing their skills on proposal writing to be able to present a co-organized plan of potential activities, based on measurable solutions to a specific problem and to improve the quality of CIMIC’s work in building relationships with different target communities.

Hana Nasser