Event Reports

Navigating Entrepreneurship

A project designed to raise awareness on the importance of entrepreneurship in today’s workplace and to equip high school students with the necessary know how

In light of the current crisis, Lebanon needs to build a generation of economically resilient citizens. With the project “Navigating Entrepreneurship”, Rural Entrepreneurs and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung are aiming to contribute to this objective.

The goal was to support students of the 11th and 12th grade from public and private schools in Lebanon to develop their own business ideas. Their projects are designed to solve challenges and problems that they are confronted with on a daily basis, either as individuals or as members of their community. 


The unprecedented economic decline in Lebanon has resulted in a rapid increase in the poverty rate (60%), mass unemployment, a shrinking economy and the closure of numerous businesses - with a clear downward trend. The blast of August 4th has pushed the country even further down the cliff. The extent to which the country will be able to recover will depend to a great extent on its ability to mobilize resources and talents.


Students coming fresh out of high school or university are facing an overburdened and shrinking labor market. Where there is no work, other opportunities have to be created. Building on this premise, the project aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit at a young age particularly in rural areas. Students should be encouraged to consider entrepreneurship as a serious career option.


Students who successfully applied completed a three-week e-training course and developed their own ideas in groups. During their training, both German and Lebanese mentors advised the students in their business development. 


The boot camp included interactive working sessions, video cases, inspirational talks with entrepreneurs and practical applications of the concepts delivered with mentors. 


The final pitch day took place on 11th of September 2020 in Baakline National Library, where the student presented their idea in front of a jury. 


Seven teams introduced the audience to their ideas:


  1. Brightry Lb: Brightry: A website guide for under-graduates in Lebanon to find their desired major and university easily and effectively.
  2. Orderista: A homemade food delivery platform which offers homemade meals through placing an order on our app for employees and families anytime and anywhere.  
  3. HydroRoot: Producing high quality fruits and vegetables using hydroponics technology for pastry, grocery and smoothie shops
  4. Portable Shelf: A free, easy to use website that motivates new readers, permits access of different books to everyone, along with developing a community of readers.  
  5. Startup Magnet: A website that supports people with a startup idea by virtually connecting them to local investors.
  6. Aquasave: A startup idea that facilitates how people buy water from third party water dealers, using an IOT Technology to measure how much water is left in their tanks and informing the water dealer if there’s any need.
  7. A Better You: An application which aims at creating a safe environment for people especially youth to communicate anonymously with psychologists and engage in activities and trainings.  


A better you, Aquasave and Brightry Lb were singled out as the winners of the competition, yet all teams presented remarkably sophisticated business ideas. 


The project successfully raised awareness on the value and importance of entrepreneurship in today’s workplace and equipped high school students with the proper mindset and tools to approach problems in innovative ways. 


Thank you to all the students for participating, putting in immense effort and presenting us their interesting ideas in engaging presentations, and to our partner Rural Entrepreneurs, for the fruitful collaboration.


Valentina von Finckenstein