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Thoughts and Talks for a Better Lebanon - Phase IV

As part of the project series “Thoughts and Talks for a Better Lebanon”, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Lebanon Office and I Have Learned Academy conducted Phase IV with 12 sessions.

The sessions were online and free for the public, to raise awareness about various topics related to economics, finance, politics, social, infrastructure and group dynamics or leadership.

In this phase, we implemented the below sessions:

  • Banking & Economy in Lebanon by Lara Macaron             
  • The state of Civil Society in Lebanon by Huda Usta Kaskas
  • Everything you need to know about the Fuel Crisis in Lebanon by Laury Haytayan          
  • A year and a month after Beirut Blast – PANEL by Nabil Ismail, Ali, Paul Naggear
  • Lebanon & the issue of Leadership - VIP talk by Michael Kouly    
  • Next Steps of the Economic Crisis & Lira rate in Lebanon by Abdallah Harfouch
  • Will Solar Energy solve the electricity problem in Lebanon by Philippe Khoury
  • Revolution Panel by
  1. Hassan Sinno - LNA
  2. Susan Serbey - Pyramid
  3. Pierre Issa - Bloc National
  4. Samir Saliba - ACT
  5. Rula El Halabi - Independent Activist
  6. Nancy Stephan Jabra
  • The Lebanese Diaspora: Importance & Impact on the future of Lebanon by
  1. Danielle Chartouni - Impact Lebanon
  2. Raymond Hajj - Meghterbin Mejtem3in
  3. Souraya Al-Ahmar - TLDN
  4. Peggy Bedoyian - Cali for Lebanon
  5. Alain Dergham – MTV
  • Know your Labor Rights during the Financial Crisis by Dr Charbel Aoun
  • A discussion with Nadine Labaki about Lebanon and more!        
  • Increase your financial intelligence during the Economic Crisis by Hala Mourady

The sessions are getting positive feedbacks. KAS and I Have Learned Academy agreed to continue the project and keep choosing interesting topics and speakers. The objectives and topics will be adapted based on the needs of the people in Lebanon.


Dania Ismaiel

Dania Ismaiel

Project Manager

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