Boosting the calibre of today's graduates

A Sarawak Roundtable

This roundatable providea a platform to discuss and propose ways to enhance the understanding and effectiveness among the various stakeholders on current issues and challenges with regards to the employability and marketability of today's graduates.



  • Challenges and demands of globalisation

  • Employability and marketability of today's graduates

  • Recruitment: what employers look for in today's graduates?

  • The job market in Sarawak: treat or threat?

  • Learning & doing: what are the gaps?

  • Competency in English: what are the barriers?

  • Local universities vs. foreign universitites: competency gaps

  • Talent management programme

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Kuching, Sarawak


Dr. Thomas S. Knirsch

Dr. Thomas S

Authorized Representative Myanmar Office

Thomas.Knirsch@kas.de +95 1 2307 -806/-807


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