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Conference on public service broadcasting in Africa

How can we rejuvenate public service broadcasting on the continent?

KAS Media Africa is due to host a conference on the revitalisation of public radio. This event will gather almost 15 experts from across the continent. The conversations will explore various issues – such as the role of public broadcasters in African countries, the advent of social media and its impact on broadcasting, as well as the quality of journalism the public is exposed to.

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Radio is the leading source of news and information in Africa, and in many communities, it remains the

only news medium for many people, despite technological advances. Radio transcends infrastructure deficits and language barriers. It can reach the smallest of towns and remote villages in the farthest flung societies.

Given such extensive reach, the importance of the medium on the continent is obvious. In some places, what is meant to be public radio churns out state propaganda or serves as a source of government news. In many other cases public radio contends with budgetary constraints.

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