Event Reports

International Press Institute – Africa Mission 2022

KAS Media Africa supports the IPI on a fact-finding mission to Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa

IPI delegation and KAS Media Africa team visit southern Africa to assess and report back on the state of press freedom in the region.

In August 2022, the International Press Institute (IPI), in collaboration with KAS Media Africa, visited Maputo and Gaborone as part of its fact-finding mission to southern Africa. It was conducted against the backdrop of a deteriorating press freedom situation. The mission sought to garner facts on press freedom issues on the ground in the countries, build dialogue and advocate for change with governments, members of the diplomatic corps, media communities, civil society and other stakeholders.

In Mozambique, the delegation noted challenges to the safety of journalists, particularly considering numerous reports of kidnapping, disappearances and intimidation of media personnel. The impact of a five-year conflict in the Cabo Delgado region was also noted as an area needing critical international attention.

On the other hand, in Botswana, the delegation found that space exists for critical media and independent journalism. Further, recent media law reforms were received positively by the media community. Despite these points, the delegation believes that more reforms and improvements are necessary to strengthen the environment for press freedom and to guarantee that all members of the press can operate free of political and government interference.

The delegation also had an opportunity to interact with and brief editors and senior media practitioners in Johannesburg, South Africa on their findings.