Internship at the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue Brussels

We offer graduate students the possibility of an internship from three to six months at the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue (MNED) in the liaison office in Brussels.

Interns have the opportunity of conducting research with regard to relevant and current political events, including the writing of conference reports, as well as providing background information on current decisions and ratifications by the European Union. The internship also includes providing assistence to our team in managing administrative tasks, as for instance the maintenance of our database. Another task of the intern is to support in the organization of conferences, workshops, visiting programmes, expert roundtables and seminars on various international political topics with high-level delegations.

Thanks to this broad range of tasks, interns will get a good overview of the work of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Brussels as well as of the functioning of the European Institutions and other International Organizations.

We require candidates to have already acquired extensive knowledge on the European Union and development policy issues. In addition, they should have an excellent command of German, English and French and have some experience in dealing with MS Office and the internet. At the end of the internship we provide the intern with a certificate.

Before taking up their internship, we recommend that the intern follows the news on current issues concerning the EU in general and more specifically on development and foreign policy issues.

Please, send your application to and Due to the high number of applications received, we strongly recommend you to contact us as early as possible in advance.


Denis Schrey

Denis Schrey bild

Head of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue +32 2 66931 70 +32 2 66931 62

Dr. Susanne Conrad

Senior Programme Manager for Multinational Cooperation, Foreign and Security Affairs +32 2 66931 72 +32 2 66931 62