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China’s security and military cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Implications for Europe

Daniel Agramont Lechín

China’s rise as a world power is taking place at a time of disorder in the international arena. It is now widely accepted that the future of the world order will be significantly shaped by China’s rise.

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The current research paper by Daniel Agramont Lechín aims at examining in detail China’s engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), from a security perspective, emphasizing the topics of concern for European policy makers. 


Following an analysis of the magnitude, composition and characteristics, based on secondary information and interviews with experts from the region, the paper presents several findings. These include:


1. A major concern around arms sales and technology transfer is that the latter can be used against the civilian population. An overwhelming part of Chinese arms sales in LAC go to Venezuela.

2. While European nations are terminating projects and even closing down embassies in several countries, China is gaining space, opening public offices and also supporting private firms in doing so.

3. China has labeled most of the nations in LAC as strategic partners, but this category didn’t come with huge commitments for them or for LAC; it entailed a demonstration of political commitment.


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This is a publication of the MDPD KAS in Brussels. The views expressed in this paper represent solely the author’s own analysis and not his employer’s nor those of KAS.

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