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European knowledge pool - is it leaking?

Event Report - Monday, 26 September 2022 - Brussels, Belgium

Authors: Theresa Rohrhirsch, Janne Leino.

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Event European Kowlegde Pool 2 KAS MDPD
Event European Kowlegde Pool 2

Is the European knowledge pool leaking? Our discussants had a clear answer: yes, it is. This is why raising awareness and developing feasible actions to tackle foreign interference in research and innovation domain is essential.


On Monday, 26th of September 2022 the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Multinational Development Policy Dialogue and CHOICE hosted a closed-door discussion round on how to cope with foreign actors interfering into European research institutions.


At the beginning of the event Dr. Ivana Karáskova presented the main results of a recent study titled “How to Do Trusted Research: China-Specific Guidelines for European Stakeholders”, in which the study authors recommend the EU to develop a holistic approach on foreign interference in research institutions. The short input was followed by a discussion with experts from European institutions, academia, industry representatives as well as members of the European Parliament.


📍 Here are some of the main takes from the discussion:


👉 Research is not neutral: not only research related to dual-use and military activities is interesting for foreign actors. Unequal knowledge transfers and the lacking of reciprocity in research cooperation can lead to the loss of competitiveness of EU actors.


👉 Action is needed: a more holistic and EU-wide approach, supported by member states, is needed.


👉 Protection of academic freedom: Foreign interference has to be tackled without restricting European universities and research centers in their choice of cooperation partners, funding sources or by burdening them with red tape. Instead, concrete guidance and tools should be developed.

🔗 Please​​​​​ download the full report:


Many thanks to our distinguished speakers for their insightful contributions:

MEP Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Ivana Karásková, Wolfgang Krieger, MEP F. Javier Zarzalejos Nieto, Tudor Petru Fabian and Janne Leino.

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