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Syria, ISIS and the neighbors

Regional implications of conflict, war and Islamic radicalization

The Syrian war increased political instability in Iraq, enabled the territorial expansion of the Islamic State and exacerbated regional geopolitical disputes. The event discusses EU's foreign policy strategy in light of the Syrian crisis.

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Europäisches Parlament
Rue Wiertz 60,

Alternative venue

European Parliament, Brussels



  • Porf. Alon Ben Meir
    • New York University
  • Daniel Keohane
    • FRIDE
  • Marc Pierini
    • Carnegie Europe
  • Dr. Florence Gaub
    • European Union Institute for Security Studies
  • Dr. Arnold Kammel
    • Political Academy of the Austrian People's Party

Sabina Wölkner

Sabina Wölkner

Head of Department 2030 Agenda +32 2 66931-77 +32 2 66931-62

Dr. Luis Blanco

Research Associate Multinational Development Policy Dialogue

Saal Luis Blanco, WM , MNED
Daniel Keohane, FRIDE Luis Blanco, WM, MNED
Marc Pierini Luis Blanco, WM, MNED
Prof. Ben-Meir Luis Blanco, WM, MNED
Debate Luis Blanco, WM, MNED

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