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Kissinger salutes Adenauer

Das "Making-Of" der Berliner Festrede

Dr. Kissinger records a video message in his Manhattan office for Adenauer's commmemoration ceremony in Berlin.

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The KAS New York Office had the pleasure of meeting former US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger. The occasion was the recording of a video message in honor of Konrad Adenauer, whose 50. date of death was commemorated in a ceremony at Berlin's German Historical Museum on April 25th. In his speech, Dr. Kissinger explained how Konrad Adenauer healed Bonn’s strained relationship with Washington and used his often admired calm determination to turn adversaries into close allies. Dr. Kissinger emphasized, that it was Adenauer's vision to reintegrate Germany through a rigorous commitment to democratic values which regained the countries' standing as a productive member of the world community and paved the way towards European unity. “Konrad Adenauer said, he would like to be remembered as someone who fulfilled his duties. He is remembered for this and much more. It was an honor to be a contemporary of him.”

"Wir verneigen uns in großer Dankbarkeit"

Click here for a report on the commemoration ceremony and to see Dr. Kissinger's video message

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