100 Years Parliamentary Representation in the Philippines



Rethinking Representation will be the theme of the 2007 National Conference of the Philippine Political Science Association. Scheduled on April 2 and 3, 2007, at the Inter Continental Hotel, the PPSA invites scholars, policy-makers, activists and public intellectuals to form panels or present individual papers on the following broad topics:

a. Representative Politics and Philippine State Formation

b. Revolution vs. Representation/Revolution and Representation

c. The Politics of Exclusion and Inclusion

d. Reconsidering the presidential versus parliamentary debate

e. The House of Representatives and/or the Senate: A Critical Evaluation

f. Local Power and Local Representation: The Dynamics of City, Town, Municipal Politics

g. Laughing, Singing, Praying and Coup Plotting One’s Way to Power: The EDSA Phenomenon, Broadening Representation and Political Mobilization

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(TBA), Manila


Klaus Preschle