Insights into Asian and European Affairs

Trust in Politics

Panorama special issue - Insight into Asian and European Affairs

The PANORAMA special issue “Trust in Politics” examines the question of trust. It seeks to analyse and portray the varied roles trust plays in states, societies, and international relations in Asia and Europe.

Leaders and Citizens of Democracy

Panorama- Insights into Asian and European Affairs

Leaders, individuals are not just influential but, most of all, responsible in stirring the direction of democracies. Focusing on “Leaders and Citizens of Democracy”, this edition of Panorama sheds light on the role of individuals as main actors who could contribute to either the advancement or backsliding of democracy.

Responding to the Geopolitics of Connectivity

Asian and European Perspectives

In these times of rapid changes and increasing ambiguity, more connectivity between Asia and Europe has become imperative. In order to understand the various connectivity strategies as well as to see how more synergies can be built, in this issue of Panorama we present an analysis of the various connectivity approaches.


Trade and Economic Connectivity in the Age of Uncertainty

Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs

With the global economy and trade system undergoing massive shifts,the need for global economic and trade cooperation has never been greater. With Asia and Europe representing 55% of global trade, it has become imperative for both continents to strengthen their ties and uphold multilateralism and the rules-based free trade system.

Digital Asia

Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs

Happy Birthday, Internet! In 2019, we are celebrating the World Wide Web’s 30th anniversary. Growing from ARPANET, a decentralized network created by the Pentagon that was designed to withstand a nuclear attack, to its status as a global platform that connects billions of people and devices, the development of the Internet has long been guided by the United States. US companies developed the first personal computers, smartphones and social networks that we use to communicate as well as the routers and servers that carry the world’s data. It is Asia, however, where the future of the Internet is most likely to be written. Already today, China and India have highest number of internet users in the world. “The next billion users” are mainly Asian. Concurrently, Asian companies are making their way onto list of top technology companies. We have dedicated this issue of Panorama – Insights into Asian and European Affairs to addressing current developments in the area of digital policies, digital economy, and cyber security in Asia. Where does Europa come into play? Read on!

Political Change

Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs

In recent years, domestic politics in both Europe and Asia have arguably become less predictable and prone to sudden, unexpected changes. Although domestic volatility is not a new phenomenon in either region, contemporary drivers are analogous and may be a reflection of a new era, with significant implications for both domestic and foreign policies.

Security Architectures under Threat: The Status of Multilateral Fora

Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs

In this issue of our biannual journal Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs, the papers provide an insight into the current security landscape in the context of the new global security challenges. Based on analyses of the different threats and dynamics, the papers also look at ways to strengthen cooperative security arrangements. They argue that such collaborative initiatives are ultimately the most promising avenues to contain the transnational insecurities and build trust in order to develop a regional security architecture that will ensure regional stability and peace.

ASEAN at 50 - A Look at its External Relations

Panorama - Insights into Asian and European Affairs

As ASEAN marks its 50th anniversary, we have dedicated this issue of our journal Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs to analyse ASEAN’s relations with several of its dialogue partners in the ever changing global landscape. In view of its external relations, the articles also reflect on ASEAN’s achievements in the last five decades, challenges it has overcome, and the prospects ahead.

Countering Daesh Extremism - European and Asian Responses

Panorama Insight Into Asian and European Affairs

Die Sonderausgabe von Panorama “Insights into Asian and European Affairs – Countering Daesh Extremism- Responses From Europe and Asia” wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit dem International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR) der S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies an der Nanyang Technological University, Singapur, veröffentlicht.

Refugees and Migration in Asia and Europe

Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs

In this issue of our journal Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs,we present an analysis on the refugee crisis being faced in Asia and Europe. In 2015, the biggest refugee movements to Europe since the Second World War and the case of the boat refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh has led to the biggest humanitarian crisis of recent times. A high number of refugees to Europe also originate from Asia or transit through the region. Thus, with this publication we try to contribute to the exchange between the two regions to address this crisis jointly.

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"Panorama - Insights into Asian and European Affairs" is a series of occasional contributions published by the Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia/Singapore of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The individual contributions deal with different topics on Europe and Asia.