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KASpaces Workshop Series on Sustainable Cities and Resilient Communities

KASpaces SDG Ambassadors Programme

The Kingdom of Bhutan, the only country that is carbon negative serves as a model for sustainable climate and environmental policy and cultural preservation on a global scale. With the objective of contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the region, KASPDA hosted its first physical workshop series of the KASpaces Ambassador Programme in collaboration with ICLEI South Asia in three cities in Bhutan.

KASYP 14 - 1st Training Module

Political Parties' Functions and Organizations in Democratic Societies

The commencement of KASYP training programme starts with the module on “Political Parties’ Functions and Organizations in Democratic Societies.” This module aims to provide participants with background knowledge on diverse political environments and party systems in Asia as well as communication skills and leadership training. Fellows for this cohort met in Chiang Mai, Thailand last 12 – 17 February 2023 to participate in this first module.

Roundtable Discussion on Digitalisation and Cybersecurity in Asia

with the expert delegation from the Federal Academy of Security Policy (BAKS)

On 27 Feb, KAS' Political Dialogue Asia Program hosted a roundtable discussion “Digitalization and Cybersecurity in Asia” for the delegation from the Federal Academy of Security Policy (BAKS) from Germany. The delegation, which consists of participants from private and public sectors in Germany, is currently having a two-weeks fieldtrip in Asia (Singapore and Seoul) as part of the expert course on digitalization and security policy.

KASYP Batch 12 - 3rd Training Module

Political Parties in Local Governance and Development

The third training module on “Political Parties in Local Governance and Development” for the 12th batch was successfully held in Penang, Malaysia last 5 -10 June 2022.

Data Cultures and Policy Responses in Asia

Book launch Discussion for "Data Security, Privacy and Innovation Capability in Asia: Case Studies"

A book launch event was held in Singapore on 22 November 2022 to celebrate the release of KASPDA's latest publication on Data Security, Privacy and Innovation Capability in Asia. This is part of the one week activities series to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of KASPDA.

2nd Asian Summer School on Political Parties and Democracy

The 3rd installment of the Asian School on Political Parties and Democracy has been successfully concluded last 20 to 26 June 2022 in Bishek, Kyrgyzstan. It was the first in-person seminar for this School where 10 young researchers, policymakers and academics from various Asian countries have gathered to discourse on the relationship between political parties and democratization process in the region.

KASYP Batch 13 - 2nd Training Module

Political Parties in Election Campaigning

KASYP 13.2 (Political Parties and Election Campaigning) is the first in-person workshop for KASYP batch 13 which was held in conjunction with other events to celebrate Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Political Dialogue Asia 20-year anniversary in Singapore.


Asian Women Parliamentarian Caucus Meeting

Substantive Representation of women in Asian Parliaments: A Comparative Study”.

This year, continuing the discussion on The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the AWPC caucus met to discuss the findings of our of our recent publication “Substantive Representation of women in Asian Parliaments: A Comparative Study”.

Election Bridge Asia-Pacific Conference 2023

Election Campaigning in Times of Crises

The past years have been challenging because the pandemic crisis has exposed both the strengths and weaknesses of different political regimes, but what remains steadfast is the resolve of governments, parties, politicians, and the people to continually seek for fresh and strong legitimacy in governing the public, more so in solving the crisis. This year's Election Bridge Conference looked deeper on how certain issues influenced campaigns such as the impact of the pandemic, geopolitical ramifications, growing economic inequality, increased political polarization and infighting within political parties.

The Next Digital Decade: Post Pandemic Future(s)

First in-person workshop in Singapore since the pandemic

This workshop was the first international in-person event organised by DAH and KAS, after more than two years of Zoom-based collaboration. Together, we took stock of the many technological, societal, economic, and political changes in the past decade, to imagine and speculate on the possible futures of a world more centered on people and the planet.

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