A New Start in Myanmar: The April By-Elections and the Outlook for Political Change

In the by-elections in Myanmar on 1 April 2012, the party of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi achieved an overwhelming victory. Even many opposition politicians had not expected the NLD’s victory to be so decisive. This election outcome is a clear indication of the people’s rejection of the government and proof of the widespread support and high esteem enjoyed by Aung San Suu Kyi. Wilhelm Hofmeister, Kerstin Duell

Towards A Green Economy

In Search of Sustainable Energy Policies for the Future

This book is a compilation of papers presented at the international conference on "Moving Towards a Green Economy: Energy Policies for the Future" held in Kuala Lumpur in December 2011.

Regional Programme Political Dialogue with Asia

Activities 2011

This brochure informs about our activities during the year 2011.

Youth - Future Agents of Change or Guardians of Establishment?

Panorama - Insights into Asian and European Affairs

This issue of “Panorama–Insights into Asian and European Affairs” is concerned with the engagement of young people in political processes and society. In Europe, but also in Asia, young people get more actively involved in politics, demand for changes and try to shape the society. The Arab spring, which was strongly driven by young people, is a good example of how the youth can be an agent of change. The articles demonstrate the role the youth plays in Asian and European countries, arguing that young people are key players and that their demands have to be taken seriously by the establishment.

Flyer "EU-Asia Dialogue"

This flyer provides information on the new project "EU-Asia Dialogue" which is supported by the European Union.

Policy Recommendations for Energy and Environmental Security

A Cooperative Approach in South Asia

The policy recommendations "Energy and Environmental Security in South Asia: A Cooperative Approach" are the result of a consultation process within the Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks (COSATT) about the essential aspects of the publication "Energy and Environmental Security: A Cooperative Approach in South Asia", which was released 12 October 2011 in the Maldives. They were released just before the 17th SAARC Summit at the Maldives in Sri Lanka, Nepal and India.

G20 - Perceptions and Perspectives for Global Governance

During the G20-summit 2010 in Seoul, the political leaders expanded the agenda of their discussions and triggered questions concerning the competences and capacities of the G20 regarding their contribution to "Global Governance".

Energy and Environmental Security

A Cooperative Approach In South Asia

The book "Energy and Environmental Security: A Cooperative Approach In South Asia", edited by COSATT and the Regional Programme SAARC of KAS provides six country- and three regional-specific chapters about the most pressing challenges and opportunities for environment, climate and energy in South Asia.

Nepal´s National Interests I-IV

Foreign Policy, Internal Security, Federalism, Energy-Economy

CSAS and KAS have launched the Nepal´s National Interests Project (NIP) in order to discuss the most fundamental areas of challenges for the young democracy of Nepal. In this book the findings of the first four NIP-events have been summarized to reflect the discussions on the topics of Foreign Policy, Internal Security, Federalism and the Energy-Economy-sector.

Political Parties

Functions and Organisation in Democratic Societies

With this book, we examine the role of political parties in democratic societies. Its aim is to highlight the functions and organization of political parties and to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.