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Political Parties Shape Democracy

Their role, performance, and organisation from a global perspective

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister

How a democracy works depends to a large extent on the behaviour and ability of political parties to represent the interests of citizens and to develop political alternatives. To do this, parties must develop their programmes, build effective organisational structures, offer their members active participation in internal party decision-making, put their funding on a sound and transparent footing, maintain close contacts with social groups and associations, report openly on their goals and intentions, plan election campaigns effectively and, last but not least, are  guided by leaders who are competent and respectful of the ethical principles required for the exercise of politics on behalf of citizens.

This book provides a comprehensive and easy-to-read introduction to the world of political parties .Based on his rich international experience, the author is able to compare developments in different countries and regions of the world and to formulate concrete practical recommendations for party organisation and possible party reforms.


Megha Sarmah

Megha Sarmah

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