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Jointly with our partners, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Singapore has published numerous books, articles and papers in recent years. Below, please find an overview of our latest work.

Multilateralism In A Changing World Order

"Multilateralism In A Changing World Order" sheds light on how different forms and patterns of multilateralism are evolving in the current international order. Experts from across Asia and Europe examine “multilateralism at work” and deliberate on what kind of multilateral collaboration can be expected in selected policy fields.


This book analyses ASEM’s future role in facilitating the connectivity of ideas and in enhancing cooperation in the non-traditional security and economic spheres as well as its potential impact on global governance. Related questions on existing institutional structures and the new world order are also analysed from both Asian and European perspectives. The articles also explores how Asia and Europe can strengthen their connections in times of rapid changes and seeming ambiguity.

Rethinking International Institutions - Diplomacy and Impact on Emerging World Order

This book analyses the emerging trends and patterns in 21st century world politics and re-examines international institutions, and the various forms and practices of diplomacy. The papers collated in this book addresses changes through the use of digital governance, the setting up of new cooperation architectures such as the AIIB and the role of emerging powers in existing institutions like G20.

Federalism and Decentralization - Perceptions for Political and Institutional Reforms


This book analyses various federal systems across Asia and Europe. By elaborating the strengths and challenges of Federalism and Decentralization in various countries, it underlines the important role played by decentralized governance structures in promoting good governance, particularly with regard to enhancing and supporting democratic rules.

Parliaments in Asia - Institution Building and Political Development


This book examines the role that parliaments - a key institution of democracy - play in East, Southeast and South Asia including Taiwan and Hong Kong. It examines questions like how accessible, representative, transparent, accountable and effective are parliaments?

Towards A Green Economy - In Search of Sustainable Energy Policies for the Future


This book is a compilation of papers presented at the international conference on "Moving Towards a Green Economy: Energy Policies for the Future" held in Kuala Lumpur in December 2011.

Going Global: Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea and South Africa in International Affairs


This is a collection of articles on the topics discussed at a forum held in May 2010 in Jakarta Indonesia. The analyses concentrate on the role of regional powers in global affairs, their contributions and reactions to global challenges, as well as their role within their respective region.

Political Parties - Functions and Organisation in Democratic Societies


With this book we examine the role of political parties in democratic societies. Its aim is to highlight the functions and organization of political parties and to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.

The Asia-Europe Meeting. Engagement, Enlargement and Expectations


The book is a collection of the papers presented at the Roundtable organised by the EU Centre in Singapore and the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung on 6th August 2010. It also includes a summary of the key points that emerged from the discussions about the enlargement, the functions and the future of ASEM.

Political Parties, Party Systems and Democratization in East Asia


In this publication, we describe how democracy is evolving in East Asia and how it assumes different forms in different countries, with political parties adapting and evolving alongside. The collection of papers in this volume arose from a joint conference held between the East Asian institute of the National University of Singapore and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in August 2009.

Myanmar - Prospects for Change


This book is divided into four parts. The first part focuses on Myanmar’s internal affairs while the other three explores Myanmar’s relations with China, ASEAN, and other major powers. We have various scholars with different views about Sino-Myanmar relations, with the different viewpoints and debates within this book offering a better understanding of Myanmar.

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