Accelerating Progress and Equity in Education

KASpaces Regional Roundtable


 KASpaces Regional Roundtable
KASpaces Regional Roundtable

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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted education and learning all over the world. Education institution closures in more than 188 countries have forced governments and educators to look for alternative ways to provide a continuity of education through a plethora of means and technologies, including online digital, home-based learning. More than 20 years of education gains have been wiped out during this pandemic, where rates of proficiency, education participation and school completion are expected to suffer a dip.

This is no different in Asia, where hundreds of millions of students across primary, secondary and tertiary levels were forced to either turn to alternative learning methods or miss school. Schools and teachers have scrambled to transition to remote learning in a continent where Internet connectivity and device affordability varies from country to country, and between the haves and have-nots.

Nevertheless, more must be done to ensure fair, equitable access to quality education for everyone. This is particularly crucial to ensure that no one is left behind, as per the main tagline of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were enshrined at the United Nations in September 2015, education was considered among the most important among equals as Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

After the successful implementation of 13 national webinars across East , South east And South Asia Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in partnership with our partners, we will be holding the first KASpaces regional roundtable  through its programme Konrad Adenauer Sharing Political and Civic Engagements Space (KASpaces).  The KASPACES roundtable aims to bring together participants and partners of the national webinars from various countries in the region to share experience and best practices used to face the challenges of today in providing quality education for all. It facilitates interactive and lively dialogues to get different stakeholders to engage with one another on how best to move their education systems forward, as per the theme “Accelerating Progress and Equity in Education”.




 In the 13 countries where the national webinars have been held, many best practices, lessons and common challenges were found. As countries across the region are facing common challenges as well as opportunities, our objective through the Regional Roundtable is to to bring forward national-level expertise at the regional level to promote cross-learning between diverse stakeholders on varied approaches, institutional structures, standards and practices, and tools and technologies at play in managing the consequences of the pandemic on education. While new learnings and innovations are bound to take place, the higher objective remains the same: transforming education systems to deliver equitable, inclusive and quality education to all.


In line with SDG Goal 4 on Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, the following are the aims of the Regional Roundtable:


Provide a platform for the exchange and learning of new problems, ideas, and solutions in relation to the delivery of education during the Covid-19 pandemic;

Facilitate a dialogue between education-related stakeholders, including government officials, policymakers, teachers, education practitioners, civil society and students to promote collaboration and cooperation in addressing education and sustainable development goals, and other aspirations;

Act as a repository of experiences and best practices of education and learning during the pandemic that can be analysed and utilised as new, innovative approaches towards education in the post-pandemic era;

Identify common challenges faced by countries in Asia towards achieving education-related SDGs and developing a collaborative framework to address sustainability and societal aspirations;

Build capacities of various stakeholders through networking, experience sharing and enhancement of skills; and

Provide recommendations that can aid in the transformation of education systems in the region to deliver equitable, inclusive and quality education to all.




Countries from which Representatives will be participating


Bangladesh   Bhutan  Cambodia   India 

Indonesia  South Korea  Nepal  Malaysia 

Pakistan  Philippines  Thailand  Taiwan




We will be providing certificates to all participants who have attended all the 3 days of the webinar for at least 2 hours each day.


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