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Judicial human rights protection in Montenegro

by PhD Stefanie Ricarda Roos

Report about a two-day expert talk in Bečići (Montenegro)

The Republic of Montenegro won its independence with a referendum from 21 May 2008. For the young and sovereign state, its institutions, and citizens, this means that they can no longer withdraw from their responsibility of the conclusion of the transformation process and the establishment of a democratic constitutional state based on rule of law principles by merely pointing at the federation with Serbia. The current challenges of reforming the justice sector and of creating a new constitution are great. As is the will of those involved in continuing the initiated democratisation process and in finding solutions which are best for their country. This became evident by the contributions to the conference and discussion by high-ranking legal experts from the Republic of Montenegro during a two-day round-table discussion in Bečići (Montenegro) on "The Implementation of Human Rights Before Judicial Institutions in Montenegro".

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