Values-based Rule of Law for high school curriculum in Republic of Moldova society

Opening conference

The conference should open the public conversation about values-based rule of law in high school judicial education, as an essential contribution to developing more responsible and engaged citizens in Republic of Moldova society.


The project initiated by the Leaders for the Third Millenium Association, in strong cooperation with the KAS RLPSEE office, brings to the table major stakeholders including high school students, parents, teachers and public officials to formulate public policy proposals for an innovative model of judicial education, in a curricular framework designed to meet the needs and challenges of the third millennium for the new generations of citizens from Moldova. Major themes in this values-based endeavor should include anti-corruption, rule of law, constitutional rights, effective protection against abuse from people and institutions.

The opening conference on values-based Rule of Law for high school curriculum will be held on the 29th of March, in Chisinau. Prior to this conference, a 2-days Train the Trainers workshop would be held in Chisinau, aiming to multiply the results of such initiatives.

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  • Marian Staș
    • Hartmut Rank
      • Veronica Sîrbu

        Suzana Maurer

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        Programme Assistant

        suzana.maurer@kas.de +40 21 302 02 63 +40 21 323 31 27
        Study and Information Program
        March 09 - Jun 15, 2015
        Bucharest, Romania
        Vaules-based rule of law for high school curriculum in Romania
        Eröffnungskonferenz Chisinau 29.03.18