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Leaders for Justice 13 (2022): open call for applications

Leadership Program for Romanian Junior Law Professionals – “Leaders for Justice” (13th edition, 2022)

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The Rule of Law Programme South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung announces the beginning of the 13th edition of the Leadership Program for Romanian Junior Law Professionals – “Leaders for Justice” („Lideri pentru Justiţie”).

The application is open to Romanian law students (in their last year of university studies), postgraduate and PhD students, as well as young legal professionals (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, legal councilors, jurists in NGOS or private sector, university lectors, etc.) in the first five years of their career. Applications should be sent in Romanian to by 17 October 2021, 23.59.

20 young legal professionals with leadership potential will be selected!

The application pack shall include:

  • your CV,
  • a one page letter of motivation,
  • a 2-page essay in which you present a change you will like to bring to the Romanian justice system, your profession or your institution. The original essay should identify a problem, a solution and should also describe the way the justice system will look like after the implementation of your idea or initiative.
Only documentation sent in Romanian will be considered, text font size 11 and 1,5 distance between rows.


The selection process will consist of:

  • pre-selection based on your written applications (18 - 29 October)
  • interview with the selection committee (8-12 November)
  • second discussion with some of the candidates (18-19 November)
Successful applicants will be informed by 10 December 2021.


Check the official website and Facebook page to stay in touch and find out the latest news about the program!



  • Six training sessions and a community meeting, from January to June 2022:
    • I. Vision and Creativity. Let the Thinking Begin! (January)
    • II. Team Leading and Team-work. The Tale of I Do vs. We Do (February)
    • III. Communication Skills. Say It Better, Write It Better (March)
    • IV. Decision Making and Change Management. The Art of Sound Choices (April)
    • V. Project Management. The “How to” that Will Make the Difference (May)
    • *Annual Reunion of the Leaders for Justice Community (June)
    • VI. What Else You Need to Know to Make a Good Leader (July)
  • A one week Study Visit to Germany (tbc, September/October 2022)
  • Participation to all events within the Leaders for Justice Community, formed by over 230 alumni of the program, trainers and organizers.
  • The possibility to join the LiderJust Association and contribute to the projects intiatited by other alumni of the community.
  • Experts and foreign guests, all inspiring characters, will guide your footsteps on the path of leadership. You will learn from the knowledge and experience of your tutors and your colleagues alike, share best practices and expand your professional horizon.
  • As participant in this program, you will have access to all conferences and seminars organized by the RLP SEE in Romania.
  • In order to successfully complete the program, you have to prove your leadership skills by developing a group project together with your fellow participants.
  • As commitment and integrity are the key-words, participation in all of the sessions is compulsory.
What will it cost you?

Accommodation, meals, transportation outside Romania and any other organizational costs will be covered by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Rule of Law Program South East Europe. Participants in the Leaders for Justice 2022 program will have to cover their transportation within Romania.

Short description:

  • The primary goal of the leadership program is the creation of a pool of young individuals who understand the importance of values and integrity, and who are ready to take the lead in promoting rule of law principles and enforce them through their work.
  • The project’s objectives are to train talented young legal professionals to become leaders in their field, to equip them with essential leadership skills, project management abilities, as well as substantive knowledge about democracy, rule of law, justice and especially professional ethics. They will also be involved in individual and group projects in order for them to have a practical understanding of what being a leader means.
  • The target group of this program is made of law students in their last year of university studies, master or doctoral law students, and recent law graduates in the first 5 years of their professional career, who prove leadership potential. The participants, coming from all over Romania, need to be genuinely interested and committed to play a pro-active role in the evolutions of the legal and socio-political system of Romania.
  • The activities envisaged by the project will comprise three main components: leadership abilities; understanding the justice system and networking with role-models; simulation of decision-making processes in the justice field. The program consists of six training sessions throughout 2022, meetings with experts, seminars, and developing a group project.
  • The main result of the leadership program will be the sustained training and support of 20 young lawyers. We envisage an attitudinal and behavioral change of the participants, whom we expect to develop leadership skills, capabilities and modes of action, and thus become agents of change. The participants shall serve as multipliers and pass on their experience to a wider spectrum of young legal professionals. Through this, they are expected to create a national network of young legal professionals, and to contribute to the strengthening of civil society organizations in the field.


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