The Role of Media in Interreligious Dialogue

Unheilstifter oder Brückenbauer?

Wreaking Havoc or Building Bridges?


Media reporting can have a powerful, yet potentially devastating impact on the relations between religious creeds. On the one hand, free media environment holds the promise of educating the public about other religious and cultural beliefs and promoting tolerance. On the other hand, overly negative or insensitive coverage could also contribute to a deterioration of interreligious relations.

Does the media bear a special responsibility when it comes to reporting that touches upon religious issues? Where are the limits of freedom of press to be set when it comes to religiously sensitive topics? Under what conditions can free media also help building bridges across cultural and religious divides and promote mutual understanding? Moreover, what role do we as the media consumers play in all of this?

These and similar questions will be discussed on 31st March 2014, at the Al Duaij Family Diwan in Kuwait City with the Mr Ali Aslan, himself an experienced journalist and host of the international talk show “Quadriga” on Deutsche Welle TV.

As the co-founder of the “German Islam Conference”, a high-profile government initiative aimed at improving relations between Germany’s large Muslim community and the state, Mr Aslan will not only be able to draw on his extensive background in the media industry, but also his first-hand experience in promoting interreligious dialogue in Germany.

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Kuwait City, Kuwait


“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”: Kuwaitis diskutieren die Rolle der Medien im interreligiösen Dialog mit dem renommierten Journalist Ali Aslan
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Rahma Janetzke

Media Programme Coordinator