Event Reports

Women Leadership in the Gulf States

by Mohammad Yaghi

A workshop series

Following its successful training program on women political leadership and campaigning, IBTKAR, a political, strategic and public relations consultancy based in Kuwait, organized with the support of the Regional Program Gulf States, ten workshops on women leadership in the Gulf States.

The workshops, which have been conducted during the months of September, October, and November examined how women's leadership in the Arabian Gulf looks like today, and how it manifests differently in the six Gulf States including women’s leadership in different sectors: public (elected and appointed), private (corporate and entrepreneurship), and NGOs. The workshops also focused on the obstacles that are still exist and prevent women from participation in the economy and politics, as well as the role of women in economy during the pandemic of Covid-19.

The workshops, which were attended by leading women from all the six Arabian Gulf States, addressed the following topics:

  • The current status of women’s role in the public and private sectors
  • The reasons behind the low percentage of women’s involvement in the private sector
  • Women’s role and position in the six Gulf States’ economic and political visions
  • The future predictions of women participation in the new economies of the Gulf States
  • The status and evolution of women appointed and elected in public office in the Gulf States, and the necessity of having a Quota for women in order to boost their representation.
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