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Data Protection Laws in Northern Africa - Presentation of the study and panel discussion

Presentation of the study conducted by Dr. Patricia Boshe and Prof. Dr. Moritz Hennemann

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During this event, the report written by Dr. Patricia Boshe and Prof. Dr. Moritz Hennemann will be presented and then discussed among four data protection experts from Europe and North Africa. 

The presented report provides an in-depth overview of the current state and trends of data protection regulation of seven North African countries – namely Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, and Tunisia. It tackles regulatory approaches, key principles, and selected instruments. The analysis was limited from the start to a textual analysis of the data protection laws including constitutional law (the “law in the books”).


The event aims at informing about the current situation of data protection in North Africa, looking into the European GDPR, as well as discussing possible recommendations for its development in the region.

Here you will find the program for download: 230406_DataProtectionLawsNorthernAfrica_KAS_Web.pdf

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