Hosted by Dr. Angela Daly

“Rule of Law Rules” Podcast

Episode 4 | Rule of Law Rules with Nadim Gemayel – our data expert for Middle East
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Hosted by Dr Angela Daly, University of Strathclyde

Rule of Law Rules

Our new podcast about the rule of law in the age of digitalization
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by Dr. Katja Gelinsky

Gardien du droit international

An interview with Prof Georg Nolte, a judge at the international court of justice of La Haye, Professor of Public & International Law at Humboldt University
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By Gherbal Initiative

Lebanese Citizen’s Guide on Administrative Judiciary

A user-friendly and interactive citizen guide on the Lebanese administrative judicial system is now online.
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By Dr. Issam Sleiman

The importance and effects of constitutional jurisprudence in Lebanon

In his fourth, he sheds light on the development of Constitutional Courts and Councils and – as a consequence - constitutional jurisprudence.
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Landmark Decisions from Egypt, Kuwait and Tunisia

Balancing Individual Rights, Religious Law and Equality

With a preface by Angelika Nussberger
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