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Parliamentary Research Services

Strengthening the Legislature by Professional and Independent Research and Analysis

Parliamentary work is at the foundation of every well-functioning democracy, professional and independent research and services to parliamentarians have gained increasing importance over the past decades. The Rule of Law Programme Middle East / North Africa in cooperation with the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Parliament of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and backed by the General Secretariat of The Arab Parliamentary Union are organizing a conference on “Parliamentary Research Services – Strengthening the Legislature by Professional and Independent Research and Analysis” taking place in Amman - Jordan on July 2 and 3, 2019.


Considering the significance of Parliamentary Research Services, the two-day conference will gather Secretaries Generals and heads of research services of selected Arab and European Parliaments in the Jordanian Parliament's premises to discuss the most effective ways to strengthen the parliamentary research services which, by providing access to reliable information and nonpartisan analysis, shall improve the MPs' ability to perform their role within parliament. 

Parliaments in many regions of the world tend to face a very strong executive branch, equipped with extensive technical knowledge. If organized and funded adequately, parliamentary research and information services can be a relevant source for helping parliamentarians independently assess important political questions by providing information and analysis in a research-based and balanced manner.

The conference will provide an expert forum of peers from parliaments in the MENA region to share their experiences and adopt strategies to strengthen parliamentary research services. The discussion of the different concepts with peers from Counties of Europe and Asia shall provide opportunities for each parliament to identify the most suitable way to strengthen its parliamentary capacity and thus the parliaments themselves.

The workshop will also serve as a forum to develop the strategic framework for the Arab – European Network of the Secretaries General launched in Beirut in December 2017 and to reflect on future steps and action plans.

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Amman, Jordan


Dr. jur. Anja Schoeller-Schletter