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Study trip to Germany for Administrative Law Judges from the MENA region

From 11th to 19th July 2018, the regional Rule of Law Program of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is organizing a study trip for Judges of Administrative Courts from the MENA region to Germany.


Administrative Jurisdiction is crucial for ensuring that state power is being exercised according to Rule of Law principles. The importance of this particular jurisdiction results from its function of structuring the relation between administrative authorities of the state and citizens. To ensure adequate control of administrative acts and to curb any potential overstepping of power by administrative bodies, efficient and independent monitoring institutions are needed.

In the MENA region, this branch of the judiciary is frequently situated in the capital, which makes access for large parts of the population difficult. However, in recent years and after the “Arab Spring”, many changes concerning Constitutional and Administrative Jurisdiction have been initiated. Tunisia for example has implemented a de-concentration of administrative judiciary by establishing twelve new administrative courts in its different regions. In support of this process the Rule of Law Program Middle East / North Africa has therefore organized a seminar for an exchange of knowledge and experience between the new presidents of these regional chamber courts in Tunisia and their French and German peers (Sept. & Nov. 2017).

Now, and for deepening this exchange of expertise, a study trip for administrative court judges from countries of the Middle East and North Africa offers insights into daily practice at German administrative courts and a platform for professional discussion among peers. German administrative court judges will gain valuable insights on how administrative courts are working in countries of the MENA region, e.g. in Lebanon, in Kuweit, in Tunisia and Morocco. By taking part in the 3-day stay at German administrative courts (Munich, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart), participants will discuss structures, working procedures and challenges of administrative courts in Germany and their home countries. This will foster communication between the respective experts and also establish personal contact between courts in the MENA region and in Germany.

During their stay, participants are also visiting the Speyer University for Administrative Sciences, the Ministry of Justice of Baden-Württemberg and the German Federal Constitutional Court.

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Stuttgart, Speyer, Karlsruhe, Munich


Dr. jur. Anja Schoeller-Schletter