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Challenges of Social Protection Policy Implementation

Findings and Policy Recommendations on Social Protection for the Vulnerable Population in Northeastern Thailand

Socio-economic growth in the inclusive and sustainable manner has been one of the focal points in the framework objectives of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS). According to Germany’s Social Market Economy Principle, the development of society and economics of one country needs to encompass with equality, fair competition, and opportunity for everyone to prosper. Especially for the vulnerable population, the government must not leave them behind and should regularly improve the related policies, measures, and services to protect, empower, and include them in the country’s development.

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Realising the significance of this matter, Assistant Professor Dr. Ajirapa Pienkhuntod of Thammasat University’s Faculty of Political Science as well as her team members and her affiliated institutions with the support of KAS Thailand has implemented various activities in 2021-2023 to tackle with the above-mentioned challenges with the target areas in the Northeast of Thailand.


From the field research, workshops, and focus group discussions, they have succeeded in collecting the significant findings and compiling them into a book of practical policy recommendations of the social protection for the vulnerable population in northeastern Thailand which is now available. We hope that this book will be a valuable source for the target readers – the local and national administrative officials – in the formulation of the even better policies which, in the end, will benefit the vulnerable population in Thailand as a whole.



Chapter 1 – What is Social Protection?

Chapter 2 – Why the Social Protection Policy Has Focused on the Vulnerable Population?

Chapter 3 – What Are the Challenges in the Implementation of the Social Protection Policy?

Chapter 4 – Conclusion: In Which Direction Will the Social Protection Policy Implementation Be Developed?


This publication is in Thai language and will be distributed to the target readers of the project.


A policy paper (in English) compiled from the focus group discussions last year with the related sectors and actors is available here to read.


Please stay updated with us for the next activities this year to strengthen the social protection policy in Thailand together.

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