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Bangkoks Gouverneurswahlen 2022

Der Erdrutschsieg des unabhängigen Kandidaten Chadchart hat Signalwirkung für die Parlamentswahlen 2023

Der 22. Mai markiert normalerweise den Jahrestag des Militärputsches von 2014 in Thailand. In diesem Jahr fiel er jedoch mit den Gouverneurswahlen in Bangkok zusammen – den ersten Lokalwahlen in der Hauptstadt seit neun Jahren und damit seit der Machtergreifung durch das Militär. Ende März 2022 wurde offiziell angekündigt, dass die Wahl des Gouverneurs von Bangkok zwei Monate später stattfinden würde. Der offizielle Wahlkampf war daher kurz, aber lebhaft: 31 Kandidaten bewarben sich um das Amt. Viele Umfragen hatten den Sieg des unabhängigen Kandidaten Chadchart Sittipunt vorhergesagt, aber nicht sein Rekordergebnis. Auch bei den parallel stattfindenden Stadtratswahlen gab es Überraschungen: Die beiden größten Oppositionsparteien, Pheu Thai und Move Forward, erhielten zusammen mehr als zwei Drittel der Sitze.

Isra News' articles of May 2022

Read news articles of May 2022 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of May 2022 from Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) A look at the environmental policies of Bangkok governor candidates – PM 2.5 dust, waste management, and green spaces; 2) The amended Land Traffic Act B.E. 2565 (2022) on car seat and drunk driving – explanations and expert opinions; 3) Increasing old-age allowance to 3,000THB is arguably possible – can the government make a choice?; 4) Do politicians own lands under the Agricultural Land Reform program (ALRO4-01)?.

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The Smiling Dragon

China’s Soft Power in Southeast Asia – Implications for Germany and the EU

This KAS regional study on China’s soft power projection in Southeast Asia aims to identify and quantify the PRC’s engagement in selected ASEAN countries and evaluate its success. The authors conclude with a few policy recommendations for the EU and for Germany specifically to encourage European soft power gains in Southeast Asia.

Isra News' articles of April 2022

Read news articles of April 2022 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of April 2022 published by the Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) Trang River from above – illegal sand mining causes river in danger; 2) Flooding Bangkok – new Bangkok governor needs to use an integrated approach to flood management; 3) Thailand’s cannabis laws in explanation; 4) Two years of COVID crisis shaking up the status of Social Security scheme.

Isra News' articles of March 2022

Read news articles of March 2022 from Isra News Agency (in Thai language).

Read news articles of March 2022 published by the Isra News Agency with the support of KAS Thailand (in Thai language): 1) Investigate a draft law on the Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act; 2) Green spaces – the happiness index of Bangkok residents; 3) 3 years of the rice price insurance scheme – why are farmers still in debt?; 4) Proofing the Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission’s standard.

Law Publication Series

By the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand

Roles and duties of the administrative courts concern with many law and regulations. To keep up with international standards, the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) compiled the significant amendments of the administrative acts and published them in a series of law publication, with the support of the KAS in Thailand.

125 Years of Thai Local Administration

Book series in cooperation with the Creative Urban Solution Center and Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University

Decentralization is the way the central government divides powers among local governance organizations in order to provide public services to the people thoroughly, quickly, as well as meet the problems and needs of the people in each locality. It also provides opportunities for local residents to participate in the election of local leaders to work for them including easier monitoring the work of the leaders.

Media Usage and Contribution of Civil Society for Democracy

E-learning course material

The KAS in cooperation with the the College of Local Administration (COLA) at Khon Kaen University (KKU) published the textbook in addition to the already existing e-learning platform about "Media Usage and Contribution of Civil Society for Democracy"

Europe in Review

After charting geopolitical currents and constitutional dynamics in Asia for more than four years with the Asia in Review, and encouraged by very positive feedback, CPG and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in Thailand now present the first issue of the Europe Monthly. This is just one channel of the upcoming Europe in Review platform, which we are fully launching as a pioneering multi-media project early next year.

Guidebook on Thailand’s Decentralization

The Parliamentary Committee on Decentralization, Local Administration, and Special Local Governments of the House of Representatives of Thailand with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand Office publishes this guidebook aiming at supporting academic work on local administration and decentralization in Thailand as well as local participation and people’s voting rights. Focus in this publication is therefore dissemination of the knowledge about the concept, principles, and different steps of decentralization processes in order to encourage a constructive discussion on this topic in Thailand. The contents in the book will also become an academic reference for Thai officials at the national and local levels, members of the House of Representatives and Senate, as well as academics, students, and the general public interested in decentralization policies, good governance, and citizen participation in public policies.