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Ageing Population Development: Kobe City’s Experiences

A book co-published by KAS and College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University, aims to strengthen the knowledge of the local administrative personnel with better vision and to assist local governments in order to create social inclusion among ageing population in local governments.

In the publication you can find

- Situation of the Elderly Population

- Development of Quality of Life in the Elderly

- Situation of the Elderly Population in Kobe

- Conceptual Framework of Holistic Care for the Elderly

- Summary of Lessons Learned from Kobe


And more on demographic transition, guidelines to promote active ageing, examples of projects under the conceptual framework, and etc.


Should you be interested in receiving a printed version of this book, please contact


Orapan Suwanwattanakul

Orapan Suwanwattanakul

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