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The Conceptual Framework and Monitoring of the New Constitution Drafting of the Kingdom of Thailand




In the military coup on 19th September 2006, the Council for Democratic Reform (CDR) abolished the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand BE 2540 (1997) and promogulated an interim one, called the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim Edition) BE 2549 (2006). Under this interim Constitution, the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) was set up, consisting of one hundred members, to draft a new constitution, which is regarded as a part of the political reform. This leads to the necessity for setting a conceptual framework of the new Constitution.

This research is divided into two phases with two main objectives:

1) To study characteristics of a constitution that are suitable for Thailand in its content and framework as well as to provide a guideline in drafting the new Constitution. Moreover, the researcher will also study whether or not the Constitution of 1997 could be used as first draft and which articles should be adjusted. (Duration: October - December 2006)

2) To monitor every step in the drafting process of the new Constitution: appointment of the Constitution Drafting Assembly and the Committee of Constitution Drafting; arrangement of a public hearing, submission of motions of amendment by members of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), consideration of the CDA in giving approval and disapproval of the new Constitution, arrangement of a referendum for final approval or disapproval of the new Constitution in itys entirety and process of proposing the new Constitution to the National Legislative Assembly for further consideration. (Duration: January - march 2007)

Expected outcomes:

1) The research report can introduce a conceptual framework for drafting the new Constitution.

2) The researchers can propose the research results to the National Legislative Assembly for consideration.

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  • Associate Professor Dr Montree Rupsuwan
    • Political Governance and Management Advisor
      • The Secretariat of the Senate of Thailand

        Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt †

        Resident Representative to India

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