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Input from Social Market Economy and the Development of Vocational Education

by Thasuthida Thetthong

A Cooperation between Educational Institutes, Entrepreneurs and Industries

Forum 21 – inspired by Social Market Economy and the dual/ vocational education system – wants to encourage cooperation between educational institutions and entrepreneurs in the eastern region of Thailand – so the former can keep up with the changes and demands from the latter. But the value of this project is not only educational but also intents to provide a platform for the different parties to come together, mingle and network.

During the two-day event (28-29 November) representatives from technical colleges and institutes visited the Chonburi Technical College – a pilot project that offers dual education and collaborates with the business sector. The main points discussed: the geopolitical, economic and social implications of a changing world, future trends and technological advancements, how dual education can be vital for human development and to give a boost to the economy. All projects, that are a result of the Forum-21st-KAS-Thailand partnership, are a mean to improve vocational education and therefore enable Thai citizens to benefit from economic development. The participants also exchanged ideas about vocational training and how it can be installed on a larger scale in Thailand.


You can find the article written about this event and the cooperation between the KAS and Forum 21st here.


Thasuthida Thetthong

Thasuthida Thetthong

Project Manager

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