Event Reports

"New Electoral-Laws: Who benefits?"

by Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat
The panel-talk "New Electoral-Laws: Who benefits?" was organized by the Secretariat of the House of Representatives and the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. Three highly regarded experts on the matter discussed whether or not the recent electoral developments are good for political participation and for the image of the legal institution.

A large audience and many media outlets followed Apisit Vejjajiva's, former Prime Minister of Thailand, Assoc Prof. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn's, Election-Commissioner, and Assoc. Prof. Jade Donavanik's discussion on the new electoral laws. Although the new Two-Ballot Electoral-System - which is very similar to the German-Electoral-System - is supposed to create more representation for Thai citizens, the speakers argued it might be more beneficial for the political parties already in power. Also, Apisit Vejjajiva raised the point of the inherent discrepancies inside the Thai constitution and that it is vital to address these issues sooner than later.