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Cooperation and integration in the Baltic region and Southeast Asia: A comparative perspective

International conference

The conference, which had been organised in joint efforts by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) and KAS, addressed traditional and non-traditional security issues, challenges and opportunities for cooperation in the Baltic region in comparison to trends in Southeast Asia. While soft security matters play an increasingly important role in the two regions, hard security issues are still of relevance. Experts showed how experiences made in the Baltic region may help Southeast Asia and especially ASEAN on the way to further cooperation and integration.

Quarterly Report (III) - Independent Assessment of Vietnam's Macroeconomic Policies

According to the announced data, Vietnamese economy witnessed an abnormal surge in economic growth in Q3, with the growth rate at 7.46% (yoy), the highest in the past seven years and much higher than Q2/2017 (6.17%) and the same period of previous years (2015: 6.87%, 2016: 6.56%). The economic growth rate in the first nine months of the year reached 6.41% (yoy), significantly surpassing the same period of 2016 yet a bit lower than 2015 (6.5%).

German Federal Elections 2017

Federal elections were held in Germany on Sunday 24.09.2017 to elect the members of Bundestag. Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Head Quarter has made a short analysis on the result of the elections.

Quarterly Report (I) - Independent Assessment Of Vietnam's Macroeconomic Policies

Regarding Vietnamese economy, Q1 surprised with a growth level of 5.1%, the lowest level for the past three years. The recovery of agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture sectors (2.0%), together with the stable growth in the service sector (6.5%) were not enough to compensate for the abnormally low growth level of the industry sector. Notably, manufacturing and processing sector grew at only 8.3%, lower than Q1/2016. The VEPI of 5.8% also reflects a slowdown in the economic growth of Viet Nam in Q1.

The proceedings of the conference “30 Years of Doi Moi: Success, Lessons and Prospects”

In 2016 KAS and University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) jointly organized the conference “30 Years of Doi Moi: Success, Lessons and Prospects”. The publication of the proceedings of the conference is an offer to the esteemed reader to follow us in discovering the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam’s future reform course.

KAS scholarship winners named

Seven applicants have elbowed 23 others to win KAS scholarship 2015. The winners have been named this morning (Oct.22) in Hanoi after three days of interview and eight months of preparations. The scholarship holders will undergo German training courses in Vietnam before they depart for their Master and Ph.D courses in Germany next year.

KAS continues to support Vietnam's journalism development

KAS Country Representative Rabea Brauer made a congratulatory speech at the 25th anniversary of the USSH's Faculty of Journalism and Communication this morning (Oct.22). Speaking at the ceremony, which gathered hundreds of students and representatives of major media institutions, Ms. Brauer emphasized the important role of free journalism in any country.

Stellvertretender Premierminister begrüßt deutschen Politiker

Der stellvertretende Premierminister und Minister für auswärtige Angelegenheiten Pham Binh Minh empfing Volker Kauder, den Vorsitzenden der CDU/CSU Bundestagsfraktion am 24. August in Hanoi

Deutsch-Vietnamesischer Mediendialog 2014

Traditionelle und neue Medien: Erfahrungen aus Deutschland und Vietnam

Der diesjährige Deutsch-Vietnamesische Mediendialog wurde von der KAS in Vietnam im Auftrag vom Auswärtigen Amt organisiert und durchgeführt. Das viertägige Programm beinhaltete den Besuch von Medienagenturen, den Erfahrungsaustausch mit vietnamesischen Journalisten und ein öffentliches Seminar an der Medienfakultät der Nationalen Universität Hanoi.

Journalisten und Medienexperten aus Vietnam zu Besuch in Berlin

Auf Einladung der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung hält sich in dieser Woche eine Gruppe von Journalisten und Medienexperten in Berlin auf. Der Besuch ist ein wichtiger Baustein in der weiteren Entwicklung unserer Medienarbeit in Vietnam. Durch Gespräche in der KAS, im Bereich der Regierung sowie des Bundestages und der Wissenschaft wird die wichtige Netzwerkbildung gefördert.

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