2014 European Diplomacy Workshop

The European Diplomacy Workshop (EDW) is a week-long, first in Europe program devoted solely to the Eastern Partnership, European Neighborhood Policy and European Union Foreign Policy.


Based on workshops from experts in the fields of EU Foreign Policy (Eastern Partnership and European Neighborhood Policy), and hands-on skills training in International Negotiations, Strategic Planning and Leadership, the European Diplomacy Workshop is designed for emerging political and social leaders, public servants and non-governmental representatives who are eager to learn how to influence the changing context of their country. The program is organised in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and PZU.

More information can be found on: European Academy of Diplomacy Website

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Hanna Dmochowska

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public relations, kontakty z mediami, organizacja

Hanna.Dmochowska@kas.de +48 22 845-9335 +48 22 848-5437

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