Single title

Freedom of Assembly

The book is the result of study from the same issue which Institute of Public Policy Studies (IPPS) has researched on since the year of political riots after the coup d’état in 2006.

The contents of this book comprise various aspects acquiring from academic dialogue and discussions of scholars, politicians, business persons, non-governmental organisations, and common citizen communities who demand for economic solution and opinion’s acceptance pertaining to the problem of imposing their rights in public space which significantly effect to social stability.

The ideas are mainly acquired from 2010-2011 two-year-continually-arranged meeting of IPPS which reflects people’s voices toward the political conflicts in these years.

In addition, legal discussion produced from the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand is analyzed and synthesized in order to shape and adjust the roles of participants in public gathering. Yet, public assembly laws in foreign countries are provided for comparative study as well.

At the final part, the reformation of education is suggested as the way to stimulate the socially responsible consciousness of citizens. By using civic education in democratic system paradigm and providing practical knowledge of human rights are believed to help generating stability of Thai Society from imposing the rights of public assembly as a stage to express opinion under the common understanding and realisation of social responsibility.