Workshop "ASEAN community: identity and centrality"

In cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), KAS organized a workshop on current and future challenges and opportunities concerning ASEAN. The topics discussed ranged from ASEAN identity and centrality in a changing regional and global context, the development of ASEAN towards a more people-oriented community, and Vietnam's upcoming chairmanship of the association. The participants stressed the important role ASEAN plays in the region and emphasized the association's scope for meaningful and sustainable development. They furthermore gave several recommendations for the Vietnamese ASEAN chairmanship in 2020 and stressed the need for Vietnam not only to chair the association but to also take the role of a leader. They warned about possible drawbacks of Vietnam playing this role either over-actively or not active enough.

KAS Vietnam gets office licence from PACCOM

On March 13, KAS Country Representative Mr. Peter Girke welcomed Mr. Phan Anh Son, director of the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM), and his colleagues to KAS new office. Mr. Son handed over the KAS office licence with the new address to Mr.Girke. On this occasion, the PACCOM leader congratulated KAS for its fruitful cooperation with Vietnamese partners over the past years and wished for future success.

Vietnamese economic experts learn about German Social Market Economy

A five member-delegation including member of Vietnamese Parliament, Office of the National Assembly, the Vietnamese Communist Central Party Committee’s Economic Commission (CEC), the Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) has paid a week-long visit to Germany to learn about German economy. Led by KAS Vietnam Country Representative Mr. Peter Girke, the delegation are in Berlin and Hamburg between Feb.18-22, 2019. The group has had meetings with German Bundestag’s Budgetary Committee, the Federation of German Industries, Ministry of Economics and many other relevant sectors and branches. Over the past 30 years, Vietnamese economy has been set as “Socialist-oriented market economy”. Vietnam has recorded fairly high growth rate of around 6-7% per year. However, there remain a number of challenges to this development such as rich-poor gap, low productivity, simple and overloaded social security system, inadequate education for highly-skilled workers. KAS’ partners including the NA, CEC and VEPR who have different responsibilities share the same interest in learning about German economic model to seek solutions for the above-mentioned issues. A working visit to Germany with meetings and discussion with German politicians, economists, economic researchers, business and consuming associations, NGOs and credit ratings institutions provide the participants opportunities to exchange ideas and develop policy recommendation for Vietnamese government.

Press release 4th Ocean Dialogue: Combatting marine plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and the Australian Embassy, co-hosts of the 4th event of the Ocean Dialogue series, issued a press release to address once more the urgency to combat plastic pollution in the South China Sea. The challenge to save the ocean’s from drowning in plastic is a global one that needs to be addressed from bottom up and top down. It is all hands on deck. The Australian Embassy warned that “inaction will have devastating consequences for marine wildlife, ecosystems and human health." KAS called citizens to take action of their own by making changes in their personal choices and reducing the use of (single-use) plastic. And DAV stated that combatting marine plastic debris requires regional collaboration and cooperation on all levels.
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4. Ocean Dialogue: Umweltverschmutzung durch Plastik im Südchinesischen Meer

Am 16. Januar richteten die KAS, die Diplomatische Akademie Vietnam und die Australische Botschaft in Vietnam den 4. Ocean Dialogue zum Thema „Umweltverschmutzung durch Plastik im Südchinesische Meer” aus. Experten aus Vietnam, Indonesien, den Philippinen und Malaysia diskutierten über die schädlichen Folgen der Plastikverschmutzung und die Probleme, aber auch Chancen der Abfallwirtschaft. Repräsentanten verschiedener Botschaften, von Ministerien und Forschungsinstituten nahmen an der Konferenz teil. Plastikabfall macht 50 Prozent der marinen Verschmutzung aus. Themen wie Gesundheit, Umwelt, Tourismus, schlechte Gewohnheiten, der Mangel effektiven Politiken und Bewusstseinsbildung wurden aufgebracht. Es gab Einvernehmen darüber, dass das Thema Plastikverschmutzung nur auf globaler Ebene wirksam adressiert werden kann, und dass sowohl "Bottom-up-Initiativen" als auch "Top-down-Ansätze" der Politik für effektive Lösungen notwendig sind.

VEPR presents 4th Quarterly Report on Vietnam's economic policies

With the support of KAS, the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) presented its 4th quarterly report on Vietnam's macroeconomic policies over 2018. After sharing optimistic statistics, Dr Nguyen Duc Thanh, VEPR President also mentioned the possibly long-term negative impact of the China-US trade war for Vietnam. Madame Pham Chi Lan, Former Deputy Chairman, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), stressed the need to reform the public sector in order to benefit the business sector. Dr Stefan Kaufmann, Member of the German Federal Parliament spoke of the importance of education and research in order to stimulate the economy.


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a German political foundation. With our office in Hanoi, where we are present since 1993, we commit ourselves - together with our partners - to the promotion of rule-of-law structures, representative democracy, sustainable and social market economy as well as regional and international integration. With activities such as conferences, training, research and publications we aim to contribute to Vietnam's socio-political and economic development and to international cooperation and understanding.
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