Event Reports

Criminal liability of Legal persons in Vietnamese Criminal Laws


In cooperation with KAS, the Department of Criminal and Administrative Legislation of the Ministry of Justice organized a training on the 2015 Penal Code's provisions on the criminal liability of commercial legal persons and regulations on order and the role of defense counsel in criminal cases which are related to commercial legal persons that commit a crime. In the 2015 Penal Code, Vietnam introduced for the first time the concept of legal persons in its criminal code which led to major changes in the practice of criminal law enforcement. It is meant to effectively fight crimes of companies, especially to combat serious violations of economic and environmental laws as well as money laundry and terrorism financing. The training seminar provided the participant, which were mostly members of provincial criminal courts, with important information on criminal policies which will have to be applied to handle the violations of commercial legal persons and to ensure their liability. Even though the law was already ratified in 2017, there are no practical cases made yet, which is why this seminar was on a theoretical bases and the participants could ask their questions and raise concerns or issues. KAS and its partner (MOJ) are looking forward to further seminars to discuss the practical experiences which will hopefully be conducted soon.