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International Reports 10/2012
Is Mexico Returning to a New Past or Entering a New Phase of Transition? | Democracy And The Rule of Law in Mexico | Mexico’s Agenda For Economic Reform – Can The Obstacles Be Overcome? | A Partial Success. An Initial Assessment Of Eleven Years Of German Army Involvement in Afghanistan. | Senegal After The 2012 Presidential And Parliamentary Elections | Race In The 2012 United States Elections And Beyond Oct. 24, 2012 more...

Energy policy

International Reports 9/2012
Seven Megatrends in Energy Policy | Impending Paradigm Shift - International Climate Negotiations and their impact on EU Energy Policy | Critical Energy Infrastructure at Risk of Cyber Attack | Rio+20 – A Summit That Left Nobody Feeling Happy | Decision on the Rule of Law - Reasons for and Consequences of the Judgment “Mike Campbell vs. The Republic of Zimbabwe” | East Timor 2012: Elections in the Tenth Year of Independence Sep. 13, 2012 more...

Crucial policy decisions

International Reports 8/2012
A Referendum or a Choice of Direction: U.S. President Obama Will Have to Work Hard to Get Re-elected | A Fragile Peace: What Does the Future Hold for Côte d’Ivoire One Year After President Ouattara Took Power? | Ireland’s Referendum on the Fiscal Compact — A Lifeline after the Rise and Fall of the Celtic Tiger? | Between Common Interests and National Egotism — The Role and Potential of the Visegrád Countries in the EU | “State”, “Society”, “Development” and “Governance” in Asia | Kid Gloves at the Keyboard — Defamation Charges Threaten Freedom of Speech in Asia Aug. 9, 2012 more...

50 years of worldwide cooperation

International Reports 7/2012
Konrad Adenauer and the Beginnings of the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung’s International Activities | Ex Oriente Lux: The Work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Central and Eastern Europe| The Landmarks of Half a Century of Solidarity: The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Chile (1962-2012) | KAS in Asia From “Help to Help Themselves” to a Dialogue between Equals | Democratisation Trends in the Maghreb | Africa – A Continent on the Rise July 19, 2012 more...

Regional tensions

International Reports 6/2012
Georgia and its Breakaway Regions: No Progress in Sight | Can Serbia Let Go of Kosovo? The Key Question for Balkan Stability | India’s Arms Race. Challenges for Foreign, Security and Defence Policy | Military build-up Dynamics and Conflict Management in East and Southeast Asia | A New Start in Myanmar: The April By-Elections and the Outlook for Political Change | Partisan Media in the U.S. — Danger or Opportunity for the Political Culture? June 8, 2012 more...

Politics in the High North

International Reports 5/2012
A country on the brink of a region? Germany’s Baltic Sea policies | Foreign-Policy Discussions in Sweden after 1990 – From Neutrality to NATO? | Iceland – a reluctant EU candidate | The Arctic Region – European Interests and European Policy in the High North | Indigenous Participation in Latin America – The Gulf between Documented Rights and Everyday Reality | Poverty, Social Inequality and Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America | Parliamentary Elections in Kazakhstan – Controversial Outcome, Uncontroversial President May 16, 2012 more...

Africa: Transitions and transformations

International Reports 4/2012
After the Arab Spring: Political Islam on the Rise? | New Government or New System? A Special Path for Morocco | The Map of Africa after the Independence of South Sudan | India in Africa – Strengthening Energy Ties and Striding Towards a Strategic Partnership | The USA and Pakistan - A Volatile Partnership | Finland’s New President | Renationalising Europe? Right-wing Populist Parties Are Becoming More Popular, but Not More Unified Apr. 16, 2012 more...

International Reports 3/2012

Tunisia and the First Islamist-led Government in North Africa | Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: An Old Issue Becomes a New Challenge | Peru and Chile – Does the Road to Good Neighbourly Relations Lead via The Hague? | Creaky Concordance System – Parliamentary and Governmental Elections in Switzerland | Food in China: Volumes Up, Quality Down? | The Caucasus Emirate – Origins, Ideological Orientation and Risk Status | Hungary: One-Time Poster Child Now Under Closer Scrunity Mar. 15, 2012 more...

International Reports 2/2012

Senegal - An Ethnic Mosaic: Historical and Modern Foundations of a Diverse yet Cohesive Country | The Palestinian Diaspora: Palestinian Expatriates and their Impact on the Middle East Conflict | Exile for Lukashenko? How Advocates of Democracy are being Forced to Emigrate from Belarus | Elections in Warsaw, Negotiations in Brussels: Polish Parliamentary Elections and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union | Papua: Challenges for Indonesia’s National Integrity | Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Political Situation Following the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Feb. 15, 2012 more...

International Reports 1/2012

Barometer of Public Opinion on the parties of “National Unity” and President Santos - Results of Regional and Local Elections in Colombia | Argentina after the elections: President Kirchner embarks on her second term of office with a strengthened mandate | Daniel Ortega’s Third Term in Office: The Controversial Re-Election of the President of Nicaragua | Pentecostalism in Brazil: Churches, Businesses and Political Parties | Combating Piracy around the Horn of Africa | Demographic Crisis: Russia’s Migration Debate Jan. 19, 2012 more...

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