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8 | 2008

International Reports 8/2008

Networking Cities, Communities, and Regions in the Mediterranean Area | On the Situation of the Media in Rumania | Proceedings to ban the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) | The Social Challenge to Democracy in Latin America | The Parliamentary Elections in Malaysia in 2008: Change vs. Tradition. With unknown Variables

7 | 2008

International Reports 7/2008

Not an Annus Mirabilis: 1968 in the USA | The Prague Spring: Then and Now, 40 Years later | May ´68 in France. The Myth and the Debate 40 Years later | ’The Long ’68’. Italy’s View of the Protest Movement of 40 Years ago | Social Cohesion in Europe and Latin America: The EU-LAC Summit in LIMA (May 15/16, 2008)

6 | 2008

International Reports 6/2008

The Strategic Importance of Missile Defence - Russia´s Objections and its Threat Situation | Potential Stability - Poland after the End of the 4th | State of Emergency in Armenia - Political Crisis after the Presidential Elections of February 2008 | Spain and its Trauma - 40 Years of ETA Terrorism and the Powerlessness of Politics | In Focus: The Rise of Indigenous Movements in Latin America

5 | 2008

International Reports 5/2008

Transformation and Civil Society in Poland. Civil Society and the Church as ’Allies’ | In the Fast Lane? The Tymoshenko Phenomenon: High Inflation and Economic Problems Have Hardly Damaged Her Popularity so far | ’Ideology’ or ’Unity’? Spain’s Future after the Parliamentary Elections of March 9, 2008 | Elections in Sri Lanka’s ’Liberated’ East: An Opportunity for a New Political Start?

4 | 2008

International Reports 4/2008

Mexico: Reforms and Block-Heads | Guatemala: Hope is the last to die | Escalation and Spontaneous Fraternization in the Andes | The Peacemaker from Venezuela | Brazil´s Boom

3 | 2008

International Reports 3/2008

On the Situation of Bulgaria’s Media | Searching for a Winner: Kenya after the Polls | Applying Germany’s Experience in the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Region in European Foreign and Security Policy | The Khmer Rouge Tribunal – Cambodia in the Shadow of History | A Survey of Vietnam's Development in Recent Years

2 | 2008

International Reports 2/2008

Dmitri Medvedev – President on Standby or Worthy Successor to Putin? | Russia – A Reliable Energy Partner for Europe? | Between Abundance and Bottlenecks: Brazil’s Energy Sector is on the Move | Business Transformation in Pakistan? | Dispersed Economic Power? Overseas Chinese between Discrimination and Success in

1 | 2008

International Reports 1/2008

Lustration – Addressing the Consequences of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria | Theory and Practice of the Democracy Clause in the EU’s Relations with Third Countries: The Example of Mexico | Opportunities and Risks of Budget Assistance: The Example of Mozambique | Natural Gas as a Foreign Policy Weapon: The Turkish-Iranian Gas Crisis of January 2007 | Elections in Thailand: Power Struggle Between Thaksin and the Military | Books from Russia: Russia’s Foreign Policy

12 | 2007

International Reports 12/2007

Radicalisation of Muslims in the Philippines | The Misconception of Freedom. Islam and Democratic Development in Indonesia | India – A Democracy Living with Islam | The Relationship between Islam and Democracy in Turkey: The Islamisation of Politics versus the Politicisation of Islam | Islam and Democracy in Morocco. The Integration or the Decline of Political Islam? | Islam and Democracy in Senegal

11 | 2007

International Reports 11/2007

Political Islam Gaining Ground. The Example of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt | Between National Interests and Ideology - Spain's Latin American Policy | Taking Stock of the Work of the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Duma in the Legislative Period from 2003 to 2007 | NATO and Russia. How to Safeguard the Partnership | The EU and Africa on the Way towards a Strategic Partnership

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This periodical responds to questions concerning international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation. It is aimed at access of information about the international work for public and experts.

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