„More fiscal integration in the Eurozone – Why, how and when?“

Panel discussion about the challenges of more fiscal integration in Europe

High level expert Discussion facilitated by Dr. Detlef Fechtner.



The euro debt crisis has created a new momentum towards fiscal and political integration in Europe. Some claim that a Eurozone without a stronger common fiscal and political basis would be doomed to failure. Others are still skeptical whether a fiscal union is a reasonable and feasible step.

At the same time the EU Council has set in motion a process to deepen economic integration with deliberations currently ongoing. For example, a central budget or a fiscal capacity for the Eurozone and also contractual arrangements to be connected with financial aid have been tabled as proposals. There have also been demands for a strong finance minister in the Eurozone. Also very demanding is

the requirement that more Europe contained only to Eurozone countries would require sufficient democratic legitimation and smart ways to remain open for non-Eurozone countries.

The challenges of more fiscal integration in Europe will be discussed by a distinguished panel of high level experts:

Dr. Daniel Gros, Director CEPS

Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, Director IW Köln

Matthias Schäfer, Head of Economic Policy Team KAS

Dr. Guntram B. Wolff, Acting Director Bruegel

The discussion will be facilitated by the correspondent of the Börsen-Zeitung Dr. Detlef Fechtner. Working language is English. A light lunch will be served during the meeting. Participation on personal invitation only.


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  • Daniel Gros
    • Michael Hüther
      • Matthias Schäfer and Guntram B. Wolff


        Mehr fiskalische Integration in der Eurozone?: Diskussion mit Dr. Daniel Gros, Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, Matthias Schäfer, Dr. Guntram Wolff
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        Michael Herrmann

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        Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther will take part in the discussion Webseite IW Köln




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